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How to add a dictionary file to MS Word

Follow the following steps to add a dictionary file to Word. These instructions work for both Word95 and Word97, but other software may be similar, although we have no means to check.

Unzip the dictionary file which produces a file called MEDTERMS.DIC. Place the unzipped file (*.dic) in the shared resources folder (-> Program Files -> Common Files -> Microsoft Shared -> Proof). Start up word and open a blank document. From the menu choose Tools -> Options and select the Spelling tab. Hit Custom Dictionaries. You should now have a list of the dictionaries installed and the dictionary files MEDTERMS.DIC should be visible but unchecked. Click in the box next to each file and the dictionary is now available to Word and other programs that use the shared resources. To edit the dictionary files, highlight the relevant dictionary and hit the Edit button.

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