I enjoy driving and working on my 1960 Lincoln. (Click on the 1960 Lincoln to learn more about it, and for some great auto links). I also enjoy reading about philosophy and science. Here are some of my favorite sites:

Do you remember the Rock River Roller Palace? 
The Motley Fool
-A fool and his money . . .
Chat Room -Great for finding auto parts & information.
NONAGS - Great computer resource page.
SciCentral is a great source for science links of all sorts.
Quayle quotes - Like him or not these will keep you laughing for some time!

Who is Schrodinger's cat?
- So just who is this cool cat? (Funny stuff)

Who is Schrodinger's cat?
- So where did this cat come from? (Science stuff)

OXmoron This is almost too much funny stuff - check it out for hours of chuckles.
Voltaire's Candide - It's a must read ... so here is the text!
Philosophy Links - OK, Pointy Heads here is a great link to da philosophy stuff.
WebMuseum: Artist index - If you love classical visual arts, this is a impressive site.
Chicago Area Congestion Map - Don't leave home without it.
The Guardian Newspaper  - Great to read when traveling / living in the colonies.
SOL - Scandinavia online

Journal Abstracts:
Some "stuff" I wrote-

-R-O-T-A-R-Y ... that spells rotary! ... it's kind of like Boyscout's for old senile people, but hey, I like it.


Danish Culture Net - Take a spin and learn about the culture.
Copenhagen - All about of Beautiful Kbenhaven.
Photographic Tour of Copenhagen, Denmark - More Pictures!
Jubbi - Danish web site / search engine.
Vacation homes - Rent a vacation home in Denmark!
Danish Newspapers - Online Danske Aviser
Click here to download a free English/Danish dictionary!
Videoland / Videonetto or shop-in-shop or http://www.videonetto.nu can ship Danish videos anywhere in the world. NOTE: You will need special equipment to play Danish videos as they function on the PAL system & not NTCS used in the US.

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